I’ve worked as a marketing specialist in major companies like O2 and BT for many years so I understand about writing good copy for campaign materials, sales literature, press releases etc. As a regular platform speaker I also penned dozens of speeches for presentations and conferences and for use as the host of hundreds of corporate hospitality events.

I’ve been writing a popular blog called Pasta Paulie (www.pastapaulie.wordpress.com) since we bought a house in Italy 7 years ago, which has attracted over 250,000 visits since I started it . It’s evolved into quite a strong brand which we’re developing into other areas, like this.  I’ve also had a number of pieces published  – follow this link for one recent award-winning article http://www.high50.com/blog50/mayday-winner-crisis-in-a-capri .

Now back living in SW London overlooking beautiful Bushy Park I still keep my hand in as an occasional marketing/sponsorship  consultant but increasingly I make a living through doing writing work for other people under the derivative title of Writa Paulie. If you have a need for some interesting content for your publication or some crisply-written copy for marketing purposes or a press release, or if you’re struggling to write that keynote presentation or an amusing after dinner speech then why not get in touch?

Don’t sit there with writer’s block staring at an empty page/screen. I’m sat by the computer with phone at the ready….

Just call Paul on 07902 945339

The dreaded terms? Very simple; I charge by the hour but can quote specifically for a more detailed job eg if you want some coaching on delivery of a speech as well as its writing or help on the follow through to media on a press release that we might deliver for you.

Give me a brief and I’ll quote you very reasonable terms. After all I’d like to work with you again.

From time to time I’ll add some hopefully amusing pieces from the Pasta Paulie blog and other interesting bits of writing that I come across thoughout the media, in the Post section. I hope you enjoy them. Of course if you have any favourite pieces that you’d like to share please add them or a link to them in the comments section.


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